About Us

About Us

What it takes to be Befikar, honestly nothing more than a wish!

Perhaps that’s what happens to be the inception of what we brought to you!

“BEFIKAR” or ‘Freed from worries’ as it means to be, we are a one top solution to re-define the way you can style yourself, yet differently. We are a leading manufacturer and dealer of customized T-Shirts and gifting solutions which can let you leave on a cloud nine! 

At “BEFIKAR” we use the finest of the fabrics to craft each of the garments that release from our warehouse. Also we have an esteemed creative team to curate the exact design and quote, which you were always left with a treasure hunt for sure.

“BEFIKAR” is known for:

  • Customized Design: Be it the quintessential ‘Chai pe Charcha’(discussion over a cup of tea), or a typical hangout claiming for ‘Tinte chaa Panchta Kore Dao To!’(Divide three portions of tea to five) We are here to grab the pulse for you.
    Our customized design is never out of the blue, but rather tends more to listen to your heart. Get the exact feel that you were looking for.
    At “BEFIKAR”, you can choose from our wide range of customized products to fit in to your requirements.
  • 100% Cotton: The T-Shirts that we deal with are made with 100% cotton which renders you the ultimate comfort you always wished for. Moreover, we implement the finest and most advanced weaving technology, which makes each of our products, a kind of its own. With us, you never get a chance to compromise on comfort.
  • Creativity: When it comes to customized T-Shirts, creativity indeed plays a pivotal role. And keeping that in mind, we at “BEFIQAR” has taken on board an awesome creative team, who always come up with innovative ideas which make our products, stand out o the crowd. Here, you can get a tee of your choice, at the ease of a click. We have a creative for everyone, to fit in with their lifestyle.
  • Colour Variants: Not always it is possible to get a design of your choice, in a preferable background colour. But at “BEFIKAR”, you can actually cut the crap, and grab what you are looking for. Here, we have several colour variants of the same design, which you can compare and select accordingly.
  • Size: Be it a little small, or a little larger, we got you covered. Our garments are available in all sizes and shapes, to get you the absolute fit. Also, we have a standardised size chart enabled in our site, which allows you to figure out the exact size you need for your T-Shirt.
  • Reasonable Price: If compared with any store or brand, we come up with the most reasonable price one can expect. Our tees are available at a complete reasonable price, which easily fits in your budget.
  • Easy Replacement: Although every product we deliver are exclusively checked and ensured to be perfect, circumstances may lead otherwise at times. However, we always make sure to replace any sort of damage or discrepancy that creeps in. Feel free to reach us, and we will get it replaced absolutely hassle free & complimentary.
  • Easy Payment: Spare yourself from keeping the exact change! You can pay online and go cashless while collecting your shipment. We accept all leading payment modes including ‘Debit Card’, ‘Credit Card’, ‘Net Banking’, ‘ Mobile Wallets’ and all recognized ‘UPI’ enabled gateways.

    And that’s the way, we always look forward to groom you, the way you are.

    Feeling like freed from the worries?
    Or still have queries?!

    Feel free to reach us anytime! We are here to listen to you!
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M: 9830-1234-15
E: care@iambefikar.com